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Graphic Design Package for

The graphic design package for included all the marketing collateral she needs to build her brand, promote her new business, and make unforgettable connections.... Read more


Inspired by the passing of Prince…the only man who could wear the clothes he wore. Anybody else trying would look foolish. Something about this one... Read more

Untitled Woman

Inspired by lost photography, this dark and seductive piece is yet another drawing examining the beautiful subtleties of the female form. Read more

Untitled Bar Scene

I must have been affected by Prince’s death more than I thought… Read more

Social Sign On:

Pro’s & Con’s of easier access. One Password. All of your accounts. They said not to use the same password for all your different accounts.... Read more

The Doctor is In!

Inspired by a still from an old film, I added a drill bit into the mix just to make the doctors true intentions unclear. Is... Read more

Dresden Shepherd

This drawing is part of a collection inspired by the feeling of being in the wrong place and time. Here we see an African Shepherd... Read more

Rowing the Old City

This drawing was influenced by my love of boating, all things aquatic, and a daydream about Venetian gondoliers. What if this was our primary mode... Read more

The Gypsy Girl’s First City

This drawing is part of a collection inspired by the feeling of being in the wrong place and time. Here we see a gypsy girl... Read more


This is my ode to Kurt Vonnegut Jr. Thanks for all the books- Read more


One should never have such a drinking problem… Read more


Secrets are only as mysterious as the people who keep them…Another digital/color version of a black and white drawing. Read more

Drawer Plans in the Aether

An abstract take on some plans I had to build a chest of drawers. Read more

The Secret Smile of Knowing What’s Under the Eyepatch (digital)

Adding color to this piece somehow made her even colder! This piece always interested me because of the rich texture of the jacket and eyepatch… Read more

Pack Square

A digital recreation of downtown Asheville rebuilt (nearly) brick by brick, window by window in Adobe Illustrator. Based on the beautiful photography work of Anne... Read more

The Jungle Has Eyes

This piece is based on a strange dream I had in which a woman wearing all red was lost and afraid, running through a bamboo... Read more

Djembe Arts Collective Logo Design

Logo Designs for Drum and Dance Troupe Djembe Arts Collective Read more

Djembe Arts Collective Rack Card Design

Rack Card design to promote local drum troupe, Djembe Arts collective. Read more

Experiment in Drawing Lingerie

This picture was meant to be a personal challenge in drawing see-through lingerie and leggings. Leggings with little ribbons. Somehow I survived. Read more


Website design for local drum troupe, Djembe Arts Collective. This design was created using WordPress and meant to portray the inviting and social nature of... Read more

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