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Secrets are only as mysterious as the people who keep them…Another digital/color version of a black and white drawing. Read more

Drawer Plans in the Aether

An abstract take on some plans I had to build a chest of drawers. Read more

Pack Square

A digital recreation of downtown Asheville rebuilt (nearly) brick by brick, window by window in Adobe Illustrator. Based on the beautiful photography work of Anne... Read more

The Jungle Has Eyes

This piece is based on a strange dream I had in which a woman wearing all red was lost and afraid, running through a bamboo... Read more

Djembe Arts Collective Logo Design

Logo Designs for Drum and Dance Troupe Djembe Arts Collective Read more

Asheville Bike Taxi Brochure

A tri-fold brochure design for local pedicab business, Asheville Bike Taxi. Read more

Asheville Bike Taxi Rack Card

Rack Card design for local pedicab business, Asheville Bike Taxi. This design was meant to capture the spirit of the company by being bright and... Read more


Adding color to this drawing really brought out the vitality in the liquid prompting me to think of ambrosia – ‘the nectar of the gods’... Read more

This Won’t Hurt a Bit!

Or at least not worse than the bill! A little bit of blood on the drill and some soft overhead light reminiscent of an operating... Read more

Project Access (educational)

Educational logo redesign concepts for local hero’s, Project Access. Read more

Save The Date

The ‘Save the Date’ for the most prestigious event of 2016 Read more

Live to Create Logo Design

Logo design for local photography company, Live to Create. Check them out at Read more

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