The Scooter Project

This piece was inevitably started with the classic ‘fat guy on a scooter’ motif in mind. However, as I was drawing the scooter I decided it was just way to fine of a machine to put some slob in the seat like I had originally intended.

For now the machine will just stand alone; waiting, waiting for a rider. I’ve got a feeling this will be an ongoing project and we will see many different suitable riders. After all, the scooter population is a vast and widely different population – not just for those popped with a DUI.

Although I hate you all when I’m driving, this one’s for you – Cheers to all you scooter and moped people chugging 5mph up that hill to get back to the liquor store before it closes. Love you all, see you on the road.

Scooter Project Installation #1: Africa