The Birthday of Anne on Venus

Only the most beautiful creatures can emerge from the sea fully grown…Happy Birthday Annie! Read more

Drawer Plans in the Aether

An abstract take on some plans I had to build a chest of drawers. Read more

Under Some Sea

Inspired by a binge of wonderful documentaries about amazing undersea creatures…and the people who love them. Read more

Untitled Canoe Trip

I would love a canoe ride in these colors… Read more

The Scooter Project

This piece was inevitably started with the classic ‘fat guy on a scooter’ motif in mind. However, as I was drawing the scooter I decided... Read more

Feet Up

This ‘self portrait’ was a fun quicky that was inspired by the revision of the team page on my work’s website. We were throwing around... Read more

This Won’t Hurt a Bit!

Or at least not worse than the bill! A little bit of blood on the drill and some soft overhead light reminiscent of an operating... Read more

Action Santa

Santa doesn’t fuck around. It’s jingle time. Read more

Not Dead Yet

You know the feeling when you finally get the job right before the student loans start rollin’ in and you get buried? Close call… Read more


Adding color to this drawing really brought out the vitality in the liquid prompting me to think of ambrosia – ‘the nectar of the gods’... Read more

The Clinic

The perfect backdrop for a nightmare- all I need to do is add a clown…I’ve got to get some better insurance… Read more

Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boys?

A portrait of the folks back in the good ol’ days of SUNY Plattsburgh. Love you guys! Read more

Pack Square

A digital recreation of downtown Asheville rebuilt (nearly) brick by brick, window by window in Adobe Illustrator. Based on the beautiful photography work of Anne... Read more

The Secret Smile of Knowing What’s Under the Eyepatch (digital)

Adding color to this piece somehow made her even colder! This piece always interested me because of the rich texture of the jacket and eyepatch… Read more

Annies Birthday Bath

One of the more dangerous way you can spend your birthday is in a wine hot tub…but she makes it look fun~ I love you... Read more

Untitled Bar Scene

I must have been affected by Prince’s death more than I thought… Read more

The Bride

A labor of love… Read more


Secrets are only as mysterious as the people who keep them…Another digital/color version of a black and white drawing. Read more

Nocturnal Scribe (Color Updated)

A fun experiment with color gradients, light, and shadow ; this piece is an updated colorized version of a black and white drawing. The latin... Read more

Canoe In Space

Sometimes paddling the French Broad gets a bit boring… Read more